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Public Safety

Living in a safe community should be a right, not a privilege. Unfortunately, in today’s world, an uptick in crime has overwhelmed our law enforcement agencies. With a high demand for law enforcement officers patrolling our streets, our current funding structure at Commissioners Court does not allow for increasing the number of law enforcement deputies to meet our population demand. Without sufficient law enforcement, families will not be safe in their neighborhoods and businesses won't be able to reach their full potential.


When elected, Amanda plans on changing this. Public safety is a top priority for Amanda and she will work tirelessly to ensure that law enforcement and the jail stay fully funded and capable of protecting our community. Amanda knows the importance of making sure that those who protect us have the necessary resources to do their jobs.


Property Taxes

Homes provide a safe haven and comfort for families to grow and thrive. With increasing property taxes in Bexar County, staying in your home is harder than ever before. We need someone who will fight for property tax relief–that’s why Amanda supports finding creative solutions to help homeowners. When elected, Amanda will advocate at all levels of government for more property tax relief and will dedicate County resources to helping homeowners lower their tax bills. 

Efficient & Productive Representation In County Government


Representation matters, but without accessibility to our representatives, our neighborhoods are left in the dark. While attending neighborhood meetings many residents have expressed that they feel neglected by their current representation. Amanda plans on ensuring that constituents have access to her by attending meetings and hosting events where you tell her what is needed. Amanda knows that without your input, she can’t be effective.  Amanda has a track record of working together with communities, nonprofits and faith-based organizations to help develop policies that minimize current resource gaps. She plans to use her expertise to have discussions with the goal of building more resilient families in our neighborhoods. 

Workforce Development


Building a skilled workforce is not only good for the economy, but also for families. More job opportunities in the southwest part of Bexar County will show the rich culture of our community and create a sustainable pathway for economic development. Whether it's our military veterans, recent college graduates, or more often our families that are struggling to make ends meet, Amanda knows that we need to improve our job opportunities for all levels of employment. By building relationships with public and private companies to attract more jobs and partnerships with Bexar County, Amanda will work to ensure we start to close the employment gap and continue to improve hiring opportunities in Bexar County.

Public Health

While the Northern Part of Precinct 1 is continuing to see growth and access to medical clinics, the same cannot be said for the southern part of the precinct. Unfortunately, a rash decision has led to the closure of a much needed hospital, causing City and County officials to find ways to provide access to medical care for some of our most vulnerable residents. Amanda will work to not only open a new hospital facility but push to make necessary improvements to the old building and increase partnerships with medical groups to make care more affordable and accessible. Amanda knows what its like to not be able to access a health facility, a feeling she will work to ensure no individual in her precinct feels.


Streets, Sidewalks and Drainage

Throughout the precinct road improvements are necessary. Precinct 1 is home to the ever booming northern part of Culebra and the developing southside of Bexar County. While growth is good, managed growth is better. Amanda will work to ensure that our roadways, sidewalks and drainage needs are met throughout precinct 1. No one wants to drive on unsafe roads, and there is no need to. Through growth management, smart investment and strategic improvements, Amanda will make precinct 1 the best precinct to live in.

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